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MUST DO graduation Checklist

Now that you're a senior, here's what you need to do this year to be prepared for graduation:

1. Beginning August 1, 2021, become a member of CAP IT Tampa: Membership

2. Complete Participant Liability Waiver emailed to you AND your parent/guardian after registration - must be done BEFORE attending any events.

3. Talk to your parents/guardians clearly about what you need help with, what you're handling, and what they're taking care of. No assuming!!

4. Plan your Senior photos/portraits NOW - good photographers are quite busy. This is important for graduation (and for your memories), as we need current, clear photos of you (either professionally or not, just as long as they are clear, just you, free of busy backgrounds, and represent you well). Doing senior photos is often more for your parents than for yourself, so do it for them! See Photo Submissions for more help.

Photos for graduation usage are due by March 1, 2022.  LABEL EVERYTHING PLEASE (example: LastName_FirstName_Headshot, LastName_FirstName_Senior, etc.)  If you have taken photos yourself, please let us know in your photo submissions.   If a professional photographer has been used for photos, please have them fill out this form and return to us:  

CIT photographer_copyright_release.pdf

Graduation Submission Deadlines will come upon you quickly, so start working on it now!

Send via Google Drive or Email capittampa@gmail.com

5. You are responsible for writing your THANK YOU note to your parent(s) or guardians(s) (with 40 words max). Here are examples of what is needed: Sample Thank You's.pdf Due date February 1, 2022

6. Prepare a STUDENT BIO (helpful to do with your parents so there are no surprises) to tell us about yourself in 75-90 words - use third person language, not I, me, we, etc. Here are some examples of what is needed: Sample Student Bios.pdf 
Due date February 1, 2022

7. Prepare your PLANS statement - 25 words or less describing student's plans after graduation (college, field of study, mission field, job, traveling, not sure yet, etc.). Again, use third person. If your plans change after you've submitted them, just update us. Sample Plan Statements: Sample Plans.pdf Due date February 1, 2022

8. Enter Your Favorite VERSE, QUOTE, or MOTTO (40 words or less). If it is someone else's words, you must name the author. Due date February 1, 2022

Jennifer Sack: Co-Chair, CAP IT Tampa

813-784-3130 (Text please)

Kylie Brewer: Co-Chair, CAP IT Tampa

402-206-1682 (Text please)

EMAIL: capittampa@gmail.com

Our Christian faith is central to who we are as an organization. We desire to be examples of God’s love as we serve the homeschool community in Tampa Bay.
Those that join CAP IT Tampa do not have to share our beliefs, but we ask that they be honored as you participate in what we do.

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